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fun on the fire truck
Sweet Emilia
Is there no more yoghurt?
Fun in the wading pool
The Faravahar
Sacred flames
Fire temple, Yazd
Waiting for the Ashura procession
An evening in Yazd
More Persian architecture
Sleep, baby, sleep ...
Sea of houses
Tower of Silence 2
Tower of Silence 1
Hi, everyone!
To the victor go the spoils
A suitable resting place for Kings
What a place for a picnic!
Souvenirs, souvenirs ...
Persepolis 10
Anything for a good image ...  (Persepolis 9)
Persepolis  8
Persepolis  7
Persepolis  6
Persepolis  5
Persepolis  4
Persepolis  3
"Swinging with little brother"
Persepolis  2
Persepolis  1
Honouring Hafez
Women only!
A tomb for the King of Light
Posing for the family album
Arches and domes, tiles and bricks
What a difference a few centuries make ...
No words needed ...
Persian Islamic architecture at its best
"Regular madness"
Welcome to Iran !
Easter outing with Grandpa