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The Quiraing (2)
The Quiraing (1)
"Birthday triptych"
Scottish spring
Water falls ...
Art on the wall
After the rain ...
... and in the evening   Eilean Donan Castle
Eilean Donan Castle by day ...
T'was a day for hearing bagpipes playing ...
Where has all the sunshine gone?
"Sneak View"
Au revoir, Paris!
"The Elysian Fields"
The ballerina
Napoleon's tomb, take 2
R. I. P., Napoleon !
Looking up
Hôtel des Invalides   a model
Dôme des Invalides
Knights to the fore !!!
Springtime in Paris
The master himself
Another striking head
"The Gates of Hell"
"The Cathedral"
"The Burghers of Calais"
I'm still hungry ...
"Jeune femme au chapeau fleuri"
"Le penseur"
Visiting Auguste Rodin
Looking the other way
La Grande Arche
Through a window
One of a kind
Mirror, mirror on the wall ...
Triple selfie
Let's go to the opera!