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It's been a wonderful first year !!!
Happy sixth birthday, big mouse!
Lil' Popeye
No fake smile, this ...
I see, I see what you don't see ...
young model
Why so angry, little mouse ?
Enjoying the 'waves' ...
A smile to melt the heart ...
great grandmother and  son
flowers make her smile ...
Looking for the egg that's just right ...
Easter eggs to choose from
Hiding behind grandpa's wine glass ...
Good advice ... not only on Silly Tuesday !
Hands off if you're on a diet !
In memory of men gone down in their ship
Happiness is a smiling baby ...
Oil for your lamps
'Kilroy was here !'
Fresh salmon, anyone ?
Morning in the park ...
Art nouveau 3
Art nouveau 2
Art nouveau 1
City   river   sky
Russia's greatest poet
Five and a half already ...
Restored splendour
Park view
Welcome to Rundale Palace !
Stucco art
Hill of Crosses
Polyommatus semiargus   Mazarine blue
Aporia crataegi   the black veined white
Sea and sand
Hitchcock revisited ...
Safe and comfy in his mother's arms ...
What a poser !
"City centre"
Apples, anyone ?
farm 2